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Construction cross section

Until recently, when comparing houses technology built in the traditional method with houses built in the technology of heavy wooden prefabricated elements, most of the objections to wooden technology resulted from building process reality, mentality and little willingness to introduce changes. From year to year, there is a significant change in the mentality of investors, and it is changing for the better mainly due to the increased awareness, opening to the west and the desire to catch up with more developed countries, and thus leaving the infamous times of backwardness of the communism times far behind. In line with these trends, the construction industry is undergoing a thorough evolution and the technology – in order to meet that standard we present technology that perfectly fits into this trend taking the most of the benefits of every investment.

The walls in the construction of heavy wooden prefabricated elements not only allow to maintain a lower thickness (about 20%) while maintaining better insulation parameters than traditional brick houses, but also demonstrate excellent thermal properties that thoroughly improve the microclimate inside the house and enable cheaper long-term use. The standard thickness of external walls in TFH technology (tadeks fertig haus) while maintaining the coefficient of U = 0.13 W / m2K is only 32.5 cm, where for a wall made using the traditional method we have to take about 48.0 cm (which significantly increases the costs of building a house and minimizes the space inside which is significant for smaller buildings). Depending on the investment requirements, we adjust the thickness of the insulation and structure, material supplier, REI (flammability) specification and acoustic requirements.

Below we present EXAMPLE sections of walls, ceilings and roof according to; our company’s proposals based on current queries. Nevertheless, it is possible to make changes according to individual needs, requirements, raw material brands or type of materials, including the execution of open diffusion walls (on wood / rock wool) or without a wood-based panel plating (in the inquiry, please indicate which section of the wall should be prepared, otherwise we will use our standard solutions):





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