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House construction is perceived as investment for future. Modern residential building should therefore combine utility and economic aspects. Modern building is not only defined by its architecture, it’s also defined by the home energy efficiency and eco-friendly materials used in its construction process, providing residents/investors healthy friendly climate, safety, durability, and instead of unnecessary expenditure guaranteeing savings.


Manufacturer of prefabricated closed panel wooden houses – company Tadeks Ferig Haus offers a proven construction system based on typical and most common individual projects. Using over 25 years of technical knowledge and taking into account the diverse needs of today’s consumers, Tadeks Feritg Haus offer the highest quality energy efficient and passive houses, carried out in a very short time. As a manufacturer of prefabricated wooden houses we have a stable market position in Europe, established on the basis of our knowledge and experience. Since 25 years, we offer our investors the highest quality of prefabricated homes. Our company is regularly valued by accurateness of work implementation in accordance with technology.


Construction of timber frame houses by our company, is very popular in Western Europe and Scandinavia. Appreciating time and convenience of modern investors, and above all the properties of clean and energy efficient environment, prefabricated timber frame houses consistently increase meaning and position in the international markets. Immense popularity among investors contributed to commonly accepted definition of a Canadian houses or Scandinavian houses. Among the many advantages that have made our company ‘ready houses’, in addition to high energy efficiency and ecological characteristics, undoubtedly include: aesthetics, comfort, durability, short construction time and most importantly low maintenance costs.


We construct our prefabricated wooden houses on a plot of the client, based on the freely chosen project. Thanks to modern techniques of production and assembly, we are able to implement any project in a very short time. Our prefabricated timber frame houses are made of KVH and BSH construction wood, imported from Germany and Austria. Our technology is much more advanced than the houses commonly known as Canadian homes and are addressed to investors who appreciate the durability, reliability and sturdiness. Their satisfaction, as well as numerous certificates and awards granted by our company, confirm our highest competence and build the reputation as the very best. Prefabricated wooden houses, prepared by Tedeks Ferting Haus serve its clients for many years while fully preserving their properties and functionality. Tadeks constructions are also endorsed because of the extraordinary energy efficiency – significant reduction in expenditure on thermal energy requirement and costs.



Using our extensive experience (over 25 years) in the production of prefabricated timber frame houses and implementation of modern technology, we are able to construct your dream home according to any expectations – we are not a developer and approach each customer/order individually. Our offer of prefabricated houses is addressed to both: customers that are looking for interesting redeveloped architectural and design solutions presented on our website, as well as for customers intending to invest on the basis of self-selected individual project.



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We offer:


  • Construction and consulting for energy-efficient homes
  • Construction and consulting for passive houses – certified by Institute of Passive House in Germany
  • Construction and consulting for biological houses
  • Construction and consulting for autonomous/ZeroEnergy/Zero-energy houses
  • Execution of individual construction projects in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the material set by the investor
  • House design,industrial and utility standard passive and energy-efficient in any architecture
  • Comprehensive work from A to Z – for full developer status
  • Execution of roof structures; rafter system and roof truss system MITEK
  • Execution of investments in Europe and some parts of the world*
  • Execution of innovative home automation management systems
  • Implementation of the latest technology in the field of energy management systems


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Our energy-efficient and passive buildings are characterised by:


  • Comprehensive construction of prefabricated houses in timber frame technology – the possibility to choose between different building standards
  • High quality workmanship by norms and standards for energy efficiency – in accordance with already granted in 1995 CERTIFIED TECHNOLOGICAL DIN-1052 given by the Institute MPA LGA Nuremberg (Germany) and Passive House Institute in Nuremberg, Germany
  • Excellent thermal performance (heat transfer coefficient U = 0.16 – 0.8 Wm2/k)
  • Low energy demand of buildings (E = 70-0 kWh/m2K)
  • Certified materials
  • Construction wood used in our buildings is imported exclusively from German and Saw mills certified PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). With that we are convinced of high value, longevity and also resource efficiency of the irreplaceable raw material and most important guarantees of protection and quality.
  • Our prefabricated closed panel homes are made by hand, with the use of special machines – only by qualified and trained personnel
  • Implementation of modern building technology – patented technology as SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) and CLT (cross laminated timber).
  • Individual adaptation to the needs of each client
  • Short construction time – house in three months
  • Guaranteed durability – 30 years warranty on the structure of the house
  • Highest quality at a reasonable price



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