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Advantages of our technology

A synonym of a modern, energy-efficient house is the use of the most functional and the latest generation of its production technology – prefabricated wooden houses fully meet these conditions. The constantly growing prices of energy in various forms require more and more effort to minimize its consumption. In a way, this effort begins at the construction planning stage, so the choice of home construction technology has a significant impact on the subsequent home maintenance costs. The company Tadeks Fertig Haus, whose ideology is deeply rooted in the production of houses in the technology of heavy prefabricated timber frame, provides customers with the opportunity to build their dream house of any shape, while maximizing its energy-saving potential.

The main advantages of prefabricated technology include, among others:    

  • Low pricethe cost of a house with an area 80 m2 with interior finishing is comparable to an apartment in a block of flats or building a house using the traditional brick method.   
  • Obtaining excellent thermal parameters with a relatively small wall thickness ensures low operating costs (difficult to obtain at a similar cost in other technologies).   
  • Short construction time – building a house in full prefabrication takes several days, and only three to four months pass from signing the contract to handing over the keys and putting it in place.   
  • The inconvenience of weather conditions during the construction of the building (rain, snow, frost, moisture) without any harmful effects to the strucutre, because all elements are manufactured in our factory in closed and controlled conditions.   
  • Healthy micro climate – wood as a natural raw material has the ability to self-regulate humidity, creates a unique (difficult to obtain in other technologies) micro climate inside the building. In countries where timber construction is widespread, the statistical inhabitant of these houses lives up to several years longer (such as Scandinavia).   
  • Durability and longevity as a result of the use of modern technological solutions. The oldest timber-framed houses, preserved to this day in Europe in surprisingly good condition, are hundreds of years old. (In the Alps you can find old houses made of untreated wood).   
  • Contrary to other technologies, the construction of a timber frame house can take place in winter, because apart from the foundation (which should be prepared in favorable temperature conditions), the prefabricated timber frame house does not require any wet works.
  • A remarkable technological advantage is the low weight of the building structure, which reduces the cost of foundations, and is ideal for difficult ground and hydro logical conditions, e.g. in areas of mining damage, hard-to-reach places and slopes.
  • Filling with the highest quality thermal insulation allows to minimize the thickness of the walls, thanks to which timber frame buildings with identical external dimensions have a usable area of ​​about 10% more than brick ones, thus they represent similar or better thermal properties.
  • All materials used by our company for the production of houses are considered fireproof or have the required fire resistance confirmed by certificates of individual manufacturers (CKF) and meet the NRI 30, 60, 120 or 240 requirements.
  • Due to the uniform structure, houses made of heavy, massive construction of KVH and BSH timber – fertighaus have high resistance to tectonic movements (earthquake). Any damage can be repaired in a very short time and easily. On the other hand, in brick buildings (on the contrary), the resulting cracks and damages usually disqualify for further use and may apply for demolition.
  • Houses in the technology of heavy prefabricated timber – fertighaus, made in accordance with the DIN 1052 technology, are characterized by high resistance to strong hurricane winds (no cases of serious damage to the building as a result of a storm that would prevent its further use have been reported in Europe).
  • Low impact of water on the building structure made of selected KVH and BSH timber (as a result of appropriate thermal treatment). Wood and wood-based panels have the properties of very quick drying in natural conditions (wind, sun), which makes them the most appropriate technology for erecting buildings in areas at risk of flooding.
  • Structural KVH and BSH timber, used in the prefabricated technology, is a product for use in modern construction with defined quality criteria. Four-sided planing ensures fire resistance of the construction beams, drying technically to a maximum humidity of approx. 15% (+/- 3%) is the basis for resigning from the use of chemical protection of wood, and thanks to the low humidity, the maintenance of mass, shapes and dimensions is guaranteed.
  • After construction, prefabricated timber frame houses are immediately ready to move in – they do not require seasoning!
  • The walls and ceilings have excellent acoustic insulation.
  • In our prefabricate timber frame buildings, it is possible to make floor screeds and install underfloor heating on every floor.
  • The structure enables extremely easy and quick reconstruction, extension or modernization of the building.
  • Hanging very heavy shelves and cabinets allows the use of OSB, MFP, STO or Fermacell boards – 50kg per one mounting point.
  • A long 30-year warranty period for building construction, resulting from high-quality components manufactured on a modern machine park with the use of CNC machines and professional assembly, carried out by specialized teams.
  • Guarantee of price stability – by signing the contract/order, you know what the final cost of the investment will be, which in the case of traditional construction is rather unlikely and is subject to constant change.
  • Guarantee of the completion date, by obliging to build a house within a strictly specified time – booking the construction date on the production line in our factory.
  • The nobility and elegance of the form obtained thanks to the use of modern, exclusive materials with high tightness in accordance with the investor’s requirements.

    Now you know the advantages, now bet on the best!

Above advantages illustrate strengths of Tadeks Fertig Haus technology, because the future of construction belongs to prefabricated timber frame technology.  Its important to remember, that from year 2021 all newly build houses in EU have to meet the requirement, that as set as standard and commonly used by us.



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