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CLT – Cross Laminated Timber

Wood is a healthy and noble construction materials used in construction from hundred of years that generates an original micro-climate when used as a construction material. However, the hitherto low-budget possibilities of building more multi-story structures was limited to the constructional characteristics of wood and legislation to build multi-story houses. The process went throughout significant change – the new prefabrication of wooden panels offered by Tadeks Fertig Haus, also known as CLT (cross-laminated timber) means that “suitable mass timber” provides a structure with an increase in the technical level and load-bearing capacity. 

CLT in construction – solid wood system

CLT (multi-layer panels) – are large-format, massive panels made of cross-laminated solid wood (CLT – cross laminated timber), which are used as load-bearing and partition walls, and possibly for ceilings panels. 

As a building material, CLT (Glued Glued Timber) is a rather new product. The beginnings of works related to this technology began in Switzerland and Austria in the mid-90s. As panels are lighter than concrete elements and can be lifted with lighter hoists and with fewer workers, construction can be faster, resulting in lower costs. The building is made of ready-made elements on the construction site, while the panels themselves are prefabricated at the plant, i.e. in a specific and controlled environment.


CLT in construction – main advantages

  • A solid and full wooden structure, characterized by high strength and load-bearing capacity.       
  • The speed of construction, all panels are manufactured with cut-out openings for window and door joinery, a connection system and the possibility of using electric conduits and sewer pipes inside the partitions.       
  • Air tightness, our panels are surface tight thanks to the use of longitudinally glued gaps between the lamellas and thanks to the removal of defects in the knots.       
  • Fire resistance, CLT panels burn only on the surface, thanks to which they weaken the structure much slower, compared to traditional construction methods. During a fire, wood behaves predictably and, if necessary, it is possible to replace the panel, where in standard brick technology, each crack is classified as the demolition of a given element.



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