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Timber frame – how much it cost ?

24 February, 2022

More and more companies offering the construction of frame houses are a response to the growing needs of Investors who are looking for solutions other than traditional construction technology. What customers currently expect is comprehensive service from construction companies, energy efficiency of buildings, low cost of their future use, high pace of implementation and ecology. Building a frame house is an investment that is relatively quick to implement. With proper organization of the entire project and having a skilled construction team, you can live in a new home within a few months. However, how much does it cost to build a frame house? What kind of expense is it? We advise on how to calculate costs. What determines the price of building a frame house? Houses built in the wooden frame technology, especially prefabricated ones, can be erected within 3-4 months. This is a huge time saving compared to the traditional, brick method, which in the case of economic implementation may take up to 2 years. Does this mean that frame houses are cheaper to build? It is generally assumed that these are very similar construction costs, which in the end come down to the duration of the construction. The largest part of the cost of building a frame house is the price of the wooden structure, which will be influenced by the quality of the wood used. It is always worth betting on a material of the highest class, durability and appropriate technical parameters. What other factors will determine the total cost of building a frame house? How much does it cost to build a frame house and what affects it? In addition to the class of wood, the final price of erecting a frame house will be influenced by factors such as: – intended use of the building – the construction of summer houses will be much cheaper than the construction of all-year-round houses (of a comparable size); – type of foundations used – foundations constitute a significant part of the total cost of building a frame house. The strip footing is cheaper to manufacture, but the foundation slabs are used on soils with lower bearing capacity; – living area of ​​the house – the larger the usable area, the higher the construction costs will be; – the body of the building (with the number of storeys, decorative elements or a type of roof) – the cheapest to build will be a simple and compact body, with a simple gable roof, without additional bay windows and balconies; – the presence of a garage – a garage in the body of the building will increase the overall construction costs; – method of building a house – the economic system is sometimes cheaper than the one entrusted to the executive team; – facades – simple and basic plasters will be a cheaper option than, for example, slate or formwork; – installations and finishing – the issue of finishing the building is highly individual, but it is worth emphasizing that the house can be finished beautifully and functionally without excessive expenses. It is worth noting that the above factors are also a way to save on the costs of building a frame house – it is enough to prepare properly for the entire investment, especially by choosing the right house design and properly planning all works, e.g. partly by using the economic method. How much is a frame house? Counting possible costs Taking into account all the factors that affect the final price of building a frame house and the dynamic changes in the building materials market, it is difficult to determine a specific amount, how much it costs to build a frame house. Taking into account the individual nature of each investor’s needs, it is worth making a valuation directly at a proven manufacturer of prefabricated buildings and structures in the wooden skeleton technology. Only specialists in a given field will be able to properly advise and suggest what to do to ensure that the cost of building a frame house is the best value for money.

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