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Strona główna (box) en

7 September, 2014

In today’s world, when investors and architects who design modern and contemporary buildings pay distinctive attention to the search for modern building technologies – primary choose prefabricated timber frame buildings. Technology that combines the beauty of nature as well as a range of integration of the latest technological solutions, such as controlled ventilation and excellent thermal insulation. Are you planning to build your house or a seek to find a construction company? Company Tadeks Fertig Haus offers buildings prefabrication (prefabricated) based on timber frame (skeleton/ ready-made houses or houses in a pack). We specialize in production: wooden houses, energy-efficient, passive, biological and most importantly buildings made for every investor. We provide year-round prefab houses based on the German and Scandinavian standards.

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TADEKS FERTIG HAUS sp. z o.o. sp. k.
42-141 Przystajń/Polska

voi. śląskie

office: 56 Nowa street

factory: 1 Przemysłowa street


NIP: PL5742062795

REGON: 368136059

KRS: 0000693102



hotline: +48 (34) 388 20 06
tel./fax+48 (34) 319 12 05
cell phone. +48 691 524 232

cell phone +48 608 090 448
cell phone +48 602 513 324