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Mission and vision statement

LOGO TADEKS_vector The buildings that shape our infrastructure begin as most buildings do as dreams. Over time our dreams transform in vision, that we faithfully want to evoke in reality – we want to be a part of it since the inauguration of this process. In Tadeks Fertig Haus we believe, that the only way to build – is with dedication and foresight, we aspire to satisfy our customers requests that translates to the dynamic growth of our company.


Our main goal is to transform our values to what we do, so that the buildings and construction we create constitute to our dedication – customers will feel the invited stabilization and satisfaction in their future homes. What without a hesitation stands for Tadeks Fertig Haus is concentration on every detail and exploit individual comportments to every client in regards to their requirements from the investments. We do not stick to the proposed solutions, on the other hand we enable our investors to take an active part in the selection of the preferred materials, manufacturers or type of finish. We would also like to point out that we mainly specialize in individual project – flexibility and ingenuousness to the customers, allow us to gradually realize the dream of a perfect home/building/structure.


All of the above features as – vision, quality and reliable routine backed by over 25 years of experience make the company Tadeks Fertig Haus to become a recognizable and trusted brand in Poland and Europe. Our goal is to constantly develop our technology and promote a healthy and energy-efficient building and construction, so that everyone can enjoy their own, safe and reliable investment.





TADEKS FERTIG HAUS sp. z o.o. sp. k.
42-141 Przystajń/Polska

voi. śląskie

office: 56 Nowa street

factory: 1 Przemysłowa street


NIP: PL5742062795

REGON: 368136059

KRS: 0000693102



hotline: +48 (34) 388 20 06
tel./fax+48 (34) 319 12 05
cell phone. +48 691 524 232

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mail: biuro@tadeks.pl