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Company history

At this time, we’re going to take you for a extended and exciting journey, that demonstrates widespread 25 year history of Tadeks Fertig Haus – since that time we’ve completed hundreds of projects, we’ve learned and implemented the best building solutions, we’ve helped many investors and families to accomplish their dreams – dreams incorporated with anticipated need to live in dreamed house. We construct very complex and various project and structures, and most importantly, we provide investors with an unexpected experience with use and design of our the construction. We encourage you to get accustomed with our long term history – we hope that by knowing our history you will understand how we treat and transform our passion – to build prefabricated homes and constructions.




2014 – gained experience from the last 25 years, resulted in earning certification from Passive Institute in Darmstadt, Germany. Approving our passion and the highest quality in the system of passive house construction. Our company received an invitation to become an Ambassador of the Polish Institute of Passive house, once again proving our determination and the need to build homes to the highest standards in the European market.




2013 – Company Tadeks Fertig Haus received an award of the Local Market Leader for the Enterprise province of Silesia. The competition was aimed to select among ten thousand of firms in Silesia – the best entrepreneurs. Adjudicators took into account such factors as: development, community promotion, unemployment prevention, charities support and corporate social responsibility. We are more than pleased, that our present and past activities were noticed and confirmed by the electorates.




2012 – Research results, current trends and most importantly constant increase in price of home maintenance make customers understand the potential of energy-efficient construction of prefabricated timber frame closed panel system, which drags to need to search for solutions in the subject of optimal (cheap) and function home for years. Founders of Tadeks Fertig Haus were especially interested in increase investments and implementation of the ideas of specialist in Poland and on the European markets. Opening a branch GEBCO Sp. z o.o. was an excellent strategic move – this period can be seen as drastic changes in the way of advertising. New creative advertising strategy found appreciation from our current customers. Due to the ever-growing interest not only in Western countries but also in Poland, we conducted a thorough process of reorganization – employment doubled in numbers to meet accumulative number or orders.




2008 – Along the development of polish and European market furthermost pressure was placed on quality, energy saving, tightness and implementations of new technologies in production. We are aware that the most significant assets of our production process is to maintain the highest quality and flexibility with the respect to each individual customer – our offer is not limited in any way. Tadeks Fertig Haus developed owned technological solutions and concepts that aim is to determine distinction in production of prefabricated timber frame closed panel houses – we are one of the few companies that belong to Polish Wooden House Association.




2002Tadeks Fertig Haus endure to develop, shifts their main focus of manufacturing solutions to high-quality and energy-efficient technologies. Internal restructuring of the company lead to provide high-quality wooden structures at very affordable prices, while maintaining high standards of construction.




1998 – over the last 3 years (1995-1998) company Tadeks Fertig Haus drastically initiated to develop and complete comprehensive contracts. The turning point for our company and entire Polish construction market was the acquirement of certification DIN1052 awarded by the Institute of Wooden Buildings in Nuremberg, Germany. Up to this day, this recognition and conformation of the highest quality of our work demonstrate – solid and trustworthy recognition at the international level.




1995 – The following years were characterized by rapid growth and increasing demand for prefabricated closed panel buildings in wooden structure mainly in European markets but correspondingly more often in the local market. New contracts and emergent interest engaged investors towards the wooden house technology – initiated formation of company in Poland under the name of Z.P.H.U. Tadeks Fertig Haus Tadeusz Malczak. Acquired knowledge on the German market resulted in increased amount of satisfied customers and supporters of prefabricated closed panel technology. The assumption remained unchanged – to make significant contribution to designing and building highly energy efficient prefabricated houses and construction in Europe.




1988 – the late 80’s demonstrated a special period of development in the European construction market of prefabricated buildings. Rapid development and admiration of the new technologies created unprecedented opportunities for Tadeks Fertig Haus as well as for their customers. We could therefor assume a bright future for prefabricated closed panel system buildings in Poland. Taking for example US market, according to the principle “that the success and profit will not come without risk ‘, in mid-June 1988 operations of Tadeks Fertig Haus focused on gaining experience on the German market, pioneers and authorities in the construction of prefabricated houses. Believing that the opportunity for a dynamic and fast development of prefabricated closed panel system in Poland is to provide the best quality and technology to investors that are willing to live with new generation of energy-efficient homes – our adventure began with in-depth knowledge and practice gathered from practical and theoretical practice.



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