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Passive house certification – arrived !

7 April, 2015

We knew about the grant of our certification last year. However, over Easter holidays we’ve received our certification. We would like to congratulate our CEO Tadeusz Malczak, who decided to test his knowledge in regards to passive houses. Now, we are waiting for our team, who will soon perform training and certification in this field.


Energy efficiency 2013

16 October, 2014

In Poland there are over 5 million single-family homes, mostly poorly insulated or non-insulated at all. Poles heat them using outdated and low–efficient coal-fired boilers in which coal is burned repeatedly with the worst quality. The consequence of this is the sorry state of the air in our country. Home heating is a major source of […]


TFH – Passive house ambassador

29 December, 2014

We are proud to announce that Tadeks Fertig Haus received an award title of Passive house ambassador assigned by the Polish Institute of passive construction and renewable energy in the name of Güntera Schlagowski. We are extremely happy to receive this award – since the last 25 years we’ve been building passive houses for the investors […]




Timber frame buildings

In today’s world, when investors and architects who design modern and contemporary buildings pay distinctive attention to the search for modern building technologies – primary choose prefabricated timber frame buildings. Technology that combines the beauty of nature as well as a range of integration of the latest technological solutions, such as controlled ventilation and excellent thermal insulation. Are you planning to build your house or a seek to find a construction company? Company Tadeks Fertig Haus offers buildings prefabrication (prefabricated) based on timber frame (skeleton/ ready-made houses or houses in a pack). We specialize in production: wooden houses, energy-efficient, passive, biological and most importantly buildings made for every investor. We provide year-round prefab houses based on the German and Scandinavian standards.

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